domenica 19 aprile 2015


Tribute to FRIDA KAHLO
Postkunst - Correspondence Art - Mail Art
Create a postcard 15 x 10 cm (only this size will be accepted!) as a tribute to Frida Kahlo and mail it. 
Everyone is welcome in this project, all ages and skill levels.
Rules: Only postcards 15 x 10 cm
Send your work as a regular postcard, don’t use envelopes, no plastic coating!
No jury - No fees - No return of works.
Open End - No Deadline!
Documentation: Your artwork will be exhibited online @ the blog "Postkunst - FRIDA KAHLO" and the page on Facebook
Please send your postcard to
Monika Mori
Hauptstrasse 17a/7
2344 Maria Enzersdorf

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